At Moonweed Digital, we take image quality very seriously. That's why we opted to start offering 4k-ready equipment to all our clients since 2012.

    Our flagship RED Scarlet-MX camera offers the benefits of not only an increased resolution compared to HD, but all the advantages to dynamic range and color depth of REDCODE RAW. Our most portable camera, the GoPro Hero 4 (Black) and our flying camera (DJI's Inspire 1 drone) are also 4k-ready.




We offer a complete production package that includes filming with an operator, editing and color grading, or individual services (such as timelapse photography, aerial filming or still photography) and equipment rental, without an operator.

We specialise in documentary and corporate work, but are available for any video-driven production such as commercials, promos, shorts and graphics/animation.

In the air, on the ground or underwater, our team is committed to meet all of our clients' needs and expectations.

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Since May 2015, we can offer our clients the latest generation of 4k camera drone on the market - the Inspire 1 from DJI. Equipped with a full-manual camera capable of shooting up to 30p at Full 4k resolution (4096 x 2160) and up to 60p at FullHD 1080p, the Inspire comes with the Lighbridge FPV system in order to enable directors and DOPs to accurately frame their shots during flight.

The camera is fully stabilised by a Zen Muse 3-axis gimbal for super smooth camera moves, and can be used in dual operator mode with one pilot controlling the drone, the other controlling the camera.




    We offer daily, weekly and montly packages comprising of an operator with full DIT service for on-set backup and on-the-fly color correction of your footage.

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    With the exception of the Inspire 1 drone which always comes with our own pilot, every item on our equipment list is available to rent individually.

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      (Serial #672)

      With its 4k Myserium-X sensor, support to up to 60p at 2k and the Redcode RAW codec the Scarlet is a 12 bit digital cinema camera capable of delivering up to 14 stops of dynamic range. Our basic kit includes 2x 64 GB Redmags, the Bomb EVF and 5 inch touch screen monitor.

    • CANON 5D Mark II

      Timelapse camera

      The Canon 5D MkII needs no introduction. The absolute industry standard during the advent of the shallow-depth-of-field aestethic in HD video, it is still our favourite timelapse camera with its 21 megapixel sensor. It comes as standard in our timelapse package with Kessler's Cineslider.


      4k at 30p, 2.7k at 60p, Full HD at 120p

      With the Hero 4 (Black edition), Go Pro have finally embraced the 4k era. Our basic Hero kit comes with a variety of mounts, and of course its underwater housing, three batteries and two 64 GB micro-SD cards as standard. The de-facto 4k action camera.

    • DJI Inspire i DRONE

      4k enabled

      Our basic Inspire 1 kit comes with two extra sets of self-tightening propellers, 4 batteries (three TB47 and one high-capacity TB48) allowing for up to 70 minutes of flying and recording between charges, two 64 GB micro-SD cards, one remote and an iPad Air as monitor.


      3-axis brushless gimbal

      With the advent of 3-axis stabylized brushless gimbal, the extremely portable and lightweight Ronin-M can support camera bodies up to 8 lbs in weight. Easy to set up in under 5 minutes thanks to the companion iOS app, featuring 3 modes of operation and a 6 hours battery.


      Handheld system

      The Gunner is Red's very own handheld rig for run-and-gun filming styles. Tiny and lightweight in its most basic configuration, it is fully expandable with accessories from the bigger Clutch system (pictured) and a whole range of SWAT-rail compatible add-ons.


      with optional motion control

      The Cineslider is a robust dolly system that can be used on its own or in tandem with Kessler's Cinedrive (pictured) and Second Shooter motion control systems. It comes standard with our basic video production package, or with the Second Shooter for our timelapse package.


      Lenses, Microphones and tripods

      - Canon L Series 24-70 mm f2.8

      - Canon L Series 70-200 mm f2.8

      - Canon L series 16-24 mm f2.8

      - Canon L series 24 mm f1.4

      - Tokina 11-16 mm f2.8

      - Manfrotto Tripods and Heads

      - Sennheiser MHK 416 condenser microphone

      - 2x sets of Tram TR50 lavalier

      - 2x sets of Sennheiser EW 100 G2 wireless transmitters/receivers